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Saltpak possess its own mining backup that's keeps us capable of supply of any level and multiple kinds.

Himalayan Rock Salt

Crafting and Crushing

our high tech machines and skilled labors ensure you to provide best products.

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Our commitment is our pride. We do our best to deliver , what we commit. We take special care of our every Shipment.

What is SaltPak

Saltpak is registered and certified manufacturing, supplier & exporter company of rock salt products located in Lahore, Pakistan. SaltPak believe to provide High quality Rock Salt Products to everyone in every corner of the world. SaltPak specialize in crafting of salt lamps, filtering of high quality edible salt, producing of every size salt tiles for salt spa and other spa products and animal licking Salt. Saltpak is also capable of providing every grade of deicing and industrial salt.

A large of products are enlist in SaltPak's catalog. We are providing more than 100 products of rock salt. Saltpak own a huge variety of rock salt lamps including natural and custom design lamps by our qualified and experienced artisan.
In our extreme hygienic environment and high tech machinery we process edible rock salt of every grade. We conduct multiple lab test for every shipment to ensure its quality to meet SaltPak's standards and customer's satisfiction. We also supplying Cooking Rock Salt Tiles for Bar-B-Que and Cooking.
Rock Salt Spa Products are primary accessories for every spa. SaltPak have vast range of spa items, the most primary one is spa tiles. We manufacture every size of tiles plain and also crafted ones. We also make Massage balls , soaps and foot detox.
Saltpak also delivering industrial grade salt, animal licking salt of different sizes.

Salt Pakistan


We want you to be completely satisfied with the services we offer. We manage our clients 24/7. we identify their issues before they become problems.

Salt Tiles


Leading by a man who have 55+ Years of business experience in manufacturing, trading, import export and distribution.

Salt Pakistan Edible Grade

Custom Design

We have tens of Rock Salt Lamps Designs in our catalog. Besides of these designs we can make you favourite shape as well .

Salt Exporter Pakistan


Every Order of SalpPak is being supervised by Ex-Project Director Salt Range Crafts, Government of Punjab Pakistan. Who Ensures the Each Supply as per our Standards

Salt Pakistan

Complete Range

We acquire Rock Salt in Lumps from Mother Nature. We Process and mold it according to your need. We have complete setup that makes us capable of delivering you each & every product of Natural Rock Salt.

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Our Export Department is committed and experienced. We can make your environment salty & Fresh in every part of the world.

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