Himalayan Rock Salt Products

SaltPak is Proud of its high quality production, quality and worldwide satisfied customers. Experienced Artisans, High Tech Manufacturing Plants, Hygienical Environment and quality assurance are the basic priority of SaltPak

Highly Trained and artisans can crafts Experienced Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps as per your desire. Rock Salt Lamps are effective in health benefits in many ways.The beauty of rock salt lamps always wonders the viewers.

Salt Lamps

SaltPak Produce food grade Orignal Pakistani Rock salt which contains 84 minerals and purest form of salt on earth. We at saltpak don't compromise on quality and Hygienical Environment. We provide Rock Salt in powder, grain and chunks form.

Culinary Products

SaltPak Provides Rock Salt tiles and other spa items directly from foothills of Himalaya. Rock Salt of Pakistan proved its effectiveness to soothe the body and environment.

Spa items and Tiles

SaltPak manufactures and export vast variety of rock salt products. Animal Lick salt, Salt Inhaler, De-icing or Road Salt and many other products are in the catalogue of SaltPak.All these products have huge demand in all over the world.

Other Rock Salt Products

First time SaltPak introducing in Pakitan Rock Salt Feature Walls. Himalayan Rock Salt is Famous for its asthetic and health properties. Salt Feature Walls are low Cost applications in home and offices.

Feature Walls