Is it worth to buy Salt Lamps?

Salt Lamp

We are Living in an Environment that is highly polluted and pollutants are of numerous kinds and nature i.e smoke, dust, electromagnetic waves having different frequencies. In short, we all are being bombed by stress creating but invisible waves and allergens. This invisible bombing is being released by computer monitors, T.v Screens, cell Phones, refrigerators, microwave Ovens, high tension wires and boosting towers of telecom sector. More over injurious omissions of gases from automobiles, dust and smoke, all are floating around us through positively charged ions.
The Salt Lamps, contrary to these, omits negative ions and so ill positive ions are neutralized by the negative ions omitted through rock salt Lamps. Positively charged ions adversely effects our bodies and brain causing the asthma, insomnia, increased nervousness and many other stresses related disease. Whereas salt lamps through creating a built up of negative ions and reduction of excessive moisture get your lungs repaired, sooth your skin. When stress added by positively charged ions, is reduced through negatively charged ions omitted by salt lamps, irritants in the air are vanished thus feeling of bfatigue is vanished too. Stress related disease, cardio Vascular Problems are addressed. The environment being glittered by salt lamps gains the purity level of Hunza valley. So, if you want to be in Hunza, just Place a glittering Rock Salt Lamp near you and your loved ones.