Himalayan Rock Salt Products

SaltPak Manufacture Complete Range of Himalayan Rock Salt Products. We Export Best Quality Rock Salt Products WorldWide.

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

Rock Salt Lamps

Highly Trained and Experienced artisans crafts Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps as per your desire. Rock Salt Lamps are effective in health benefits in many ways.The beauty of rock salt lamps always wonders the viewers.

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Edible Rock Salt

SaltPak Produce food grade Original Pakistani Rock salt which contains 84 minerals and purest form of salt on earth. We at saltpak don't compromise on quality and Hygienic Environment. We provide Rock Salt in powder, grain and chunks form.

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Himlayan Rock Salt Tiles

Rock Salt Tiles

SaltPak Provides Rock Salt Tiles/Bricks and other spa items directly from foothills of Himalaya. Rock Salt of Pakistan proved its effectiveness to soothe the body and environment.

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Himalayan Rock Salt Candle Stand

Himalayan Salt Candle Holder or Salt Tea Light emits incandescent flicker in the flames of candles. This type of candle holder romanticize your environment and reduce your stress level. Crystal Salt Candle holder can glorify your evenings and special dinners with its attractive design and pinkish light.

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Himalayan Salt inhaler

Miscellaneous Salt Products

SaltPak manufactures and export vast variety of rock salt products. Animal Lick salt, Salt Inhaler, De-icing or Road Salt and many other products are in the catalogue of SaltPak.All these products have huge demand in all over the world.

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feature salt walls

Rock Salt Walls and Panels

First time in Pakistan SaltPak introducing Rock Salt Feature Walls. Himalayan Rock Salt is Famous for its asthetic and health properties. Salt Feature Walls are low Cost applications in home and offices.

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Himalayan Rock Salt of Pakistan is very famous for its Purity and Effectiveness. SaltPak Produce a vast range of Himalayan Rock Salt Products. We select best quality rock salt chunks for all products. We Produce Export Quality Rock Salt Lamps in all four colors Pink, Red, White and Gray. We manufacture every shape and design according to customer choice with great precision. Another great product which is great in demand from all over the world is Himalayan Rock Salt. We use latest techniques to produce best quality Edible Rock Salt. SaltPak is also exporting best quality Himalayan Rock Salt Tiles in all sizes and colors for salt spa and health resorts. Including all these products SaltPak is also manufacturing Animal Rock Salt, Salt Inhalers, Rock Salt Candle Holders and Road Salt. Our lamps designers, quality assurance teams are qualified and experienced so that you can get best of best Salt products and our export department ensures that you get every shipment on time. If you want to get best quality salt products then saltPak would be your first choice and best business partner.