Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

SaltPak manufactures premium quality Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps in all shapes and sizes.SaltPak is proud of its Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps. Our skilled artisans and technical staff keenly observe each process and produce great product. We at SaltPak manufacture every design and shape according to our customers need.


Natural Rock Salt Lamps

Natural Salt lamps, Himalayan Salt Lamps or Salt Lamps are made by using relatively large size of Rock Salt Chunks from the mines of foothills of Himalayas and does not involve much processing. They comes in four major colors Pink, Red, White and Gray. These Natural Salt Lamps can be used for home decor but the benefits related to health make it an aesthetic one.

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Crafted Rock Salt Lamps

SaltPak manufactures Crafted Himalayan Salt lamps with precise care and efficiently. Crafted Salt Lamps can be in many geometrical shapes and figures. Each of the artifact is the piece of art which goes all process under our experienced artisans.

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Himalayan Rock salt Fire Bowl & Salt Chunks Basket

Fire Bowl & Salt Chunks Basket

Pink Himalayan Rock Salt Chunks in beautiful designed metal or wooden basket always attracts everyone. Natural Salt Chunks or crafted heart or ball shape rock salt can be placed in Rock Salt Bowl and this rock salt fire bowl looks incredibly attractive and aesthetic.

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USB Crafted Salt Lamps

USB Himalayan Salt Lamps

USB Himalayan Salt Lamps have USB Port instead of regular electric plug and can be connected electronic devices like laptops, computers or mobile chargers. These small size salt lamps neutralize radiations emitting from electronic devices and make your environment decontaminated.

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Night Salt Lamps

Himalayan Night Salt Lamps

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